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  • Pet Urine & Odor Removal

  • Pet Urine & Odor Treatment

    If you are a pet owner and have ever had to try and train a puppy or you have that dog or cat that just can't stop peeing on the carpet, then you may have some pet odor issues and be in need of our assistance. If you'll notice the diagram above, you can see how the urine goes through the carpet and pad and into the subfloor. You can try and treat is all you want, but you are just making matters worse. How? Let me explain. You will probably pull out your trusty ol' pet stain remover. Ever wonder why the pet stains turn dark after a few weeks of you cleaning them? That's because when you use those pet stain removers. These are alkaline detergents and simply designed to "hide" the stain but because of the glycerin along with oils that are contained in the solution, this causes dirt and dust to stick to the spot that you cleaned, making it turn dark. You cannot remove an alkaline stain with an alkaline detergent.

    In order to remove an alkaline stain, you must use an acid because it is opposite on the ph scale, bringing the ph back to neutral, therefore, most of the time, removing the pet urine stain from your carpet. The odor and the urine in the pad and subfloor is a different story. This needs to be treated and thoroughly flushed out. If not, the urine NEVER really dries and leaves little crystals that expel the odor until properly treated. 

    NOTE: Pet urine damage is considered "PERMANENT DAMAGE". Urine odor can never be removed 100% from carpet or pad. We can flush it out and treat it to prevent it from stinking up a room and eliminate 90-95% of the odor, but 100% is not possible. Urine causes permanent damage that cannot be undone. Also, sometimes urine stains will not come out, no matter what we do. They tend to bleach or permanently discolor certain types of carpet.